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We are looking forward to your contribution! Find a digital pic you like, edit it as much as you like, then email me, attach the pic, identify everyone in the pic for the caption, and send it.. thanks! BDunn

"Okay, let's see a recent pic!" - here are the submissions in the order they were received. Click on a name in the box at the top to jump to that person's picture.

Erin (Alexius) Davis
Mary Beth (Barber) Kelley
Jeff Shepperd
Stephanie (Schmidt) Shipp
Kevin Hielscher
Caren (Wallace) Wendt
Bobby Wawak
Group shot 4/6/2008
Gloria, Bobby, Sylvia
Leo Borek
Teena (Ashford) Johnson
Teresa (Kochan) LaGesse
Rob Hawkins
Kirk & Gretchen Alston
Kim (Ellison) Myers
Tim Gardner
Buddy Dunn
John Rader
Liz, Donny, Dana, Patty
Alice (Aldridge) Lottes
Margaret Bruch
Todd Newton
Erick Scheuermann
Belaine (Vrana) Scheuermann
Beth (Thomas) Hartman
Patricia Garza
Kevin Dobbs
John Barron
Randy Preslar
Debbie (Baker) Peek
Steve Peek
Tim Manchaca
Bill Balboa
Lisa (Terranella) Fields
Richard Leonard
Kim (Gray) Andrews
Walt Carroll
Annette (Johnson) Beeler
Kevin Hodnett
Bernadette (Bruffy) Friesenhahn
Teresa (Hemphill) McCarty
another one from Jeff Shepperd
David Dunagan
Brian Zoerner
Teri (Voelkel) Lovejoy
Richard Lovejoy
Karen (Roe) Dalrymple
David Crawford
Maritza (Franqui) Roman
Debbie Ford
Randy Waits
Lynn Walter
Caren (Wallace) Wendt
Cathy (Dourte) Day
Rob Hawkins, take two!
Don Rohrer
Debbie (Babcock) Acors
Gina (Zimmerman) Janus
Herschel Janus
Sarah (Norcom) Thomas
Kelli (Brown) Wiley
Tammy Andricak
Suzanne (Pitcher) Garcia
Josè Garcia
Jo Frederiksen
Michael Miller
Molly Ward
Mary (Riney) Blanck
Danielle (Hodges) Hartleben
Reunion Travel Club
Jaynie (Curry) Harvill
Rita (Marquez) Rubio
more pics from Stephanie
Grant Rose
Debbie (Roberson) Blumentritt
Janet (Hardy) Jones
Judi (Waller) Lay
Paul Davis
Greg Thomas
Craig Briggs
Leslie (Landau) Hammond
Gary Smith
Kathy (Fisher) Lucas
Sophia Nava
There's room for more; we want yours!

Erin's family
Spencer, Alexus, Erin, & Bob Davis

Mary Beth's family
Paden, Kathryn, Mary Beth, & Scott Kelley

Gary & Jeff Shepperd
Gary & Jeff Shepperd

pics from Steph
Shelby Weathers, Stephanie Shipp, Ruby Schmidt / Stephanie's son Barton and his wife Sheree

Kevin, Johanna, & Charlotte
Kevin Hielscher, daughter Johanna (7 yrs), and wife Charlotte

Caren & Bobby
Caren (Wallace) Wendt & Bobby Wawak

Group shot 4/6/2008 at Kim's
Mouse over the folks for names..

Gloria, Bobby, & Sylvia
Gloria (Lara) Aguilera, Bobby Wawak, Sylvia Arzola

Leo & Joey Borek
Leo & Joey Borek

Family pic from Teena
Kerry, Kegan, Mike, Kyle, Teena, Eric, Kerby, Chris, & Rebecca (Cullen lived in Taiwan at the time)

The UT Grads - 2005
Chris Logan, Teena (Ashford) Johnson, Cullen Logan

Pic from Teresa (Kochan) LaGesse
Daniel, Sarah, Adam, and Teresa (Kochan) LaGesse

Pic 1 from Rob     Pic 2 from Rob
Rob Hawkins and kids, and Rob Hawkins, Surfer Dude.

Kirk & Gretchen
Kirk Alston & Gretchen (Alston) Huddleston

Kim & Tim Myers at the Spoke
Kim & Tim Myers

Gardners at the White House
Amy, Tim, Grace, Caleb, & Austin Gardner at the White House

Dunns outside the White House
David, Brad, Emily, Debbie & Buddy Dunn outside the White House (they let us peer through the bars)..

pics from Johnny Rader
"This is the closest we've gotten to the White House.." - Diana & John Rader
Chris, Michael, Allison, and David Rader

Another bunch in DC; mouse over the faces for names
See what happens when you party with CHS1978 grads.. you end up on the White House lawn!
(This was snapped just before the SWAT teams arrived..)

pics from Alice
Andy & Alice Lottes / Phil & Steve Buttino

Margaret Bruch
Margaret Bruch

Todd Newton
Todd Newton, his lovely wife Amy, daughter Veronica, and twins Chase & Aubrey

Erick & Belaine Scheuermann & the crew
Erick and Belaine Scheuermann, with daughters Megan (23) and Tatum (10) and grandson Sebastian (21 mos).

The Hartmans at Disneyworld - 2007
Jordan (15), Beth, Cameron (10), and David Hartman, 2007

Patricia Garza & Kevin Dobbs
Patricia Garza, her daughter Catherine, & Kevin Dobbs

John Barron's family
John, Oneyna, Santiago * , John Michael II, Carolina, Carlos & Cristian Barron

* our little 20th anniversary gift to each other..

Randy Preslar / South Dakota Vacation 2007
Randy & Kim Preslar (left) with Kim's family at Mount Rushmore July 4, 2007

Randy Preslar / Grandpa's Tractor 2008
Randy Preslar and youngest granddaughter, Alexys, at Grandpa's place May 9, 2008

Steve and Debbie Peek
Debbie (Baker) & Steve Peek - 27th wedding anniversary

Tim Manchaca and his family

Tim Manchaca and his family ~

Top: Tim Manchaca, wife Cindy, daughters Bridgitt and Holly and son-in-law Philip.

Bottom left: Holly & Tim     Bottom right: Bridgitt and boyfriend Chris

Bill Balboa and an associate
Young Bill Balboa has been a lead fisheries biologist with Texas Parks & Wildlife for almost nineteen years..

Lisa & her family
Lisa (Terranella), Zachary, Analise, and Tom Fields

Richard Leonard plus!
Richard Leonard, Amy Putnam-Ellinger (Debby Leonard's daughter, Debby is Class of '77), Ron Leonard (Class of '81) & Gina Leonard (Tim Leonard's wife, class of '82) photo taken at Kindred Oaks in Leander, January 2008

Kim & Bret Andrews and assorted family members..
Kim (Gray) and Bret Andrews, Amber Andrews - Bret's daughter, Sabrina Andrews - Bret's niece and Jane Ryan - Bret's mom

Walt and Rhonda Carroll
Walt Carroll, his lovely wife Rhonda, and three associates

Annette, her mom, and her daughters
Annette with her mom and daughters

Pics from Kevin Hodnett
Sarah,Jack,Kevin / Jack & Sam 2004 / Sam,Sarah,Jack,Andrew,Kevin / The joys of Colorado..

Pics from Bernadette (Bruffy) Friesenhahn
Merlin and Bernadette (Bruffy) Friesenhahn / Merlin Mark Friesenhahn (their son) / Merlin Mark and Andrea

Matt & Teresa McCarty & family
Matt, Teresa, Meredith, Laura, Dillon and Hayden / Christmas '06

another pic from Jeff

David Dunagan and his seafaring family
David and Lori Dunagan (anchored off of Anagada in the British Virgin Islands)
David and Lori on White Bay, Jost van Dyke (the place Kenny Chesney wrote Old Blue Chair)
David and Lori in 2002 with our three kids: Hunter, Hayden, and Heather

Zoerner family pics
Beach shot: The Zoerners Summer 2007 - Brian, Dawn, Matthew (18) and Melissa (16)
Inside: The Zoerners, January 4 2008 - Matt's 19th Birthday

Lovejoy family pics
The Lovejoy Kids - Ty-14 Heidi-22 Hannah-17
Richard Lovejoy and Teri (Voelkel) Lovejoy
Richard calibrating gravity meters at White Sands NM

pic from Karen
Karen and her son Tyler

David Crawford & his lovely wife
David and Chris Crawford

pics from Maritza
Ryan, Maritza (Franqui), Brian, and Jeff Roman / Maritza and grandson Luke Benjamin Roman

Debbie Ford out at the Hyatt Lost Pines
Debbie Ford won a contest on KGSR which included a stay at the Hyatt Lost Pines.. excellent!

Randy & Kathy Waits &.. friends
Randy has been enjoying going to see the Spurs ~

pic from Lynn Walter
Lynn Walter & husband, Steve Bellesen

Natalie, Caren, & Neal Wendt
Caren's son Neal was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force on May 27, 2008. Click
here to see him being sworn in.

pics from Cathy
Phillip & Cathy Day, daughters Hannah and Louisa, sons Stephen and Joel
Cathy & Phillip on their 25th wedding anniversary

..on the beach in the Golden State
"Here is an example of the fine parenting skills I learned in Health class at Crockett." - Rob Hawkins

Rohrer family pics
Don & Terry Rohrer / The Rohrer family (plus one) on Lake Amistad
Derek, Don, Kent, Terry, & Hilary at an Irish pub / Don gets some fresh air..

pics from Debbie
Lee and Debbie Acors / their daughters Brittany (12) and Elizabeth (10) with American Idol contestant Chris Richardson,
who happens to be from Chesapeake, Virginia, which is where the Acors live!

pics from Gina
Gina, Megan, Zach / Tracey, Stacey, Herschel / Megan, Tracey, Zach, Stacey / Herschel, Gina, Stacey, Tracey, Zach, Megan

pics from Sarah
Jackie and Sarah Thomas, and sons Jake and Kip

pic from Kelli
Kendall, Kelli, & Kyle Wiley

pics from Tammy
1) "The 30 years have not been good to me; here I am with my "granddaughter".."
2) On the Amazon River showing some boys their picture taken after a rain shower
3) At the top of the Sir Walter Scott tower in Edinburgh Scotland

pics from Suzanne & Josè
Alma, Suzanne, Lauren, and Jose Garcia at the USS Constitution in Boston, July 2007
Suzanne, Alma, Lauren, and Jose at Lauren's graduation from Amarillo High School, May 31, 2008
Suzanne, Alma, Lauren, and Jose at the Symphony Ball, February 2008

pics from Jo
Standing on an Iraqi MiG - there are abandoned and scrapped Russian MiGs throughout Iraq, remnants of the Iraqi Air Force Fleet
Xmas Slayer - A National Guard Unit from Kansas set up this festive display for the Xmas season in 2004 at their ECP (Entry Control Point)
Making myself at home - This was taken in one of Saddam's palaces, we (Americans) called it the Birthday Palace but it is the The Qasr al Faw Palace
Huey - On the flight line with my finger on the trigger

pics from Michael
Myself with brain freeze, Squaw Valley, CA / The joys in my life: Megan, Mia, Kristina and Hunter

pics from Molly
Molly and "Molly’s Holiday Micro Maggie", Maggie for short

pic from Mary
Mary Riney Blanck and her daughters (from left to right) Chelsea Blanck and Marla Favors and grand-daughter Emiree Favors

pics from Danielle
Danielle writes:
Here is a recent picture of Jerry and Danielle (Hodges) Hartleben (me!) at the Washington Nationals Game in May 2008. I am also including a picture of Dana's GREATTTT niece! She wants to be a "HOOTY CART GIRL LIKE AUNT MOLLY!!!! Aunt Molly said she couldn't, so she's calling someone to complain!!!! Wonder whooooooo? There is also a picture from Christmas 2007 of Jerry being his usual "suck up for Dana self"!!!!!! I won't let anyone know he's a WVU grad!!!!!!!LOL"

Travel Club pics
The Thirty-year Reunion Travel Club at: Kim's, Dubya's, Vegas, & Rushmore (so far)..

pic from Jaynie; go Cavs!
Jaynie (Curry) Harvill, Logan (18) , Keith (hubby) and Rachel (15)

pic from Rita
Son Michael (Lobo's baseball cap), Son Fernando (Dallas cap), Daughter-in-law Nikia, Husband Freddy, & me (Rita Marquez Rubio)

more pics from Stephanie
Stephanie & Danny Shipp / daughter Shelby with sweetheart Jett on the Riverwalk
'Barton my son and Peyton my new grandaughter' / Peyton with Sheree, her mom
By the way: that bikini my granddaughter has on is belonged to Shelby 22 yrs ago!! WAAAHOOO!!

pics from Grant
Grant & Teri (Jamaica, 2005) / The crew: Back - Left to Right - Austin (13), Chloe (16), Carson (11), Landon (9) | Front - Little Bit , Chance (7) (Winter, 2008)

pics from Debbie
Andrea, Debbie, Daniel, Bruce, and Susan Blumentritt / Bruce & Debbie

pics from Janet
Janet Hardy Jones and Chad Derouin and their friend Trish Hettinger / Alexandria (Ali-15) and Victoria (Tori-19)

pics from Judi
Lauren, Dennis, Judi, and Brendan Lay / Lauren and Brendan (he was awarded Best Supporting Actor - Pride and Prejudice)

pics from Paul
Paul & Amy Davis (2006) / Paul and Daniel Davis (2007)
Paul (2005) / Paul at the Rockin' Roller Coaster
Paul at the Plant Studios (Sausalito, CA) / Paul with the Fred Thomas Band (2006)

pic from Greg
Here are Valerie, Eve, Phoebe and Greg Thomas (Daughter Carly, not shown in this pic, currently lives in Brooklyn!)

pic from Craig
Leslie, Jason, Craig, and Christina Briggs

pic from the 30-yr reunion!
Leslie and Coy Hammond

pic from Gary
Gary Smith and Sam the Bird..

pics from Kathy
Michael & Kathy Lucas / Megan & Jena (June, 2008)

Pics added in 2009..

pics from Sophia
Hobbes Miller Questad - 16 yrs old (my son), Me! (Sophia Nava, August 2008).

If you want to swap your pic out, send me another, and I am happy to consider edits, suggestions, and revisions.. BDunn

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